The Screen Kit

What is the Screen Kit?

The Screen Kit is a portable, playful HD display you build yourself. It’s a new make-it-yourself moment, to demystify the display, and take Kano portable. The Screen Kit has a unique modular design. It’s creative learning for kids and big kids.

What is in the Screen Kit?

The kit contains:

10.1” LCD screen, 1280 x 800, 720p (scales to 1080p), 150 PPI

The Screen Book, providing simple steps so anyone can build and understand their own powerful display
Easy-snap base plates
Driver board
Button board and wafer cable
HDMI Cable
Mini-USB Y-splitter cable (power)

Will it work with any Raspberry Pi?

Yes, the Kano Display is compatible with Raspberry Pi 1 and the Raspberry Pi 2

Will it work with HDMI compatible devices?

Yes, the Kano Display is compatible with the majority HDMI devices.

Which type of Screen Kit should I get?

The Screen Kit is ideal for customers who own our latest generation Kano Kit, powered by Raspberry Pi 2, and wish to get more from their Kano.

The Screen & Kano Kit Bundle is designed for new customers who wish to purchase their first Kano or for returning customers who wish to buy a new kit to go along with the screen.

The Screen & Powerup Kit Bundle is for customers who wish to upgrade their first generation Kano (Raspberry Pi 1 B or B+) to the latest hardware and software. It is highly recommended to first generation Kano users, in order to have the fastest, richest Kano experience today, coupled with a gorgeous HD screen.

When will The Screen Kit ship?

The Screen Kit should ship in early December and arrive in time for Christmas.